Miami Floor Cleaning Services

Do you want to restore the new look of your floor even after serving you for a couple of years? Then you need to know the right tips for doing so. We have trained our staff on the various Terrazzo floor maintenance tips. Therefore once you hire our company, you will be guaranteed the best and outstanding cleaning services. At McKenzie’s Cleaning Inc, we have the right equipment and cleaning products to thoroughly clean all types of floors found in a variety of commercial settings. Our advanced floor scrubbers can lift embedded debris and stains from the floor and we can also refinish floors to give them an impressive shine.

Carpet Care

Although cleaning things made of fabric is challenging, with the right equipment, skills, and strategies, everything can be simple. Hand washing your carpet can reduce its lifespan, and that should be avoided. We got all the equipment needed to clean your carpet and other upholstery. Therefore with a range of approved detergents meant for carpet cleaning, we can confidently guarantee the best carpet cleaning. By keeping your carpet clean and neat, it will improve your establishment for your workers and your customers. 

Strip & Wax Cleaning

If you skip stripping from the process of cleaning, your floor might start getting dull from the edges. At McKenzie’s Cleaning Inc, our team makes sure to remove all the layers of old wax, covering each and every edge of your floor.

After stripping and waxing, our team makes sure of making the finishing of the cleaning. We make use of the best equipment for a longer life of your floor. We take pride in having a well trained and experienced team that makes us a leading choice for Strip and Wax in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

If you need to maintain your Terrazzo floor in its best condition at all the time, then you need to be ready to provide essential services at the right time. Repairing minor Terrazzo floor issues will always cost you a minimal amount compared to the money you would pay if the problem enlarges. Therefore it is good to make necessary repairs at the early stages of the issue. By doing so, you will protect your floor against huge damages.

Dealing with an experienced Terrazzo floor cleaning company is another useful tip for maintaining your floor in the best condition. That is because a professional Terrazzo cleaning services provider knows all the essential cleaning equipment and techniques to use. Being one of the few accredited Terrazzo cleaning services providers, we got all the vital things needed to provide you with exceptional services.

Cleaning different stains on a Terrazzo floor requires various detergents for the best wash. Therefore choosing the right service will help you clean different stains with the proper detergents.

Machine Scrub Cleaning

The flooring in your commercial establishment is important—clean, beautiful floors can create a much more inviting, welcoming experience for your clients, employees, and guests. Dirty, broken, or poorly maintained floors, on the other hand, can have a major negative impact on the look and feel of your property. At McKenzie’s Cleaning Inc, our cleaning services includes in-depth cleaning of your commercial space whether it has hardwood floors, tiles, concrete, or any other type of flooring.

Pressure Cleaning

With a range of pressure cleaning machines, we can provide excellent cleaning services to most customers. Things such as loose mud, dust, embedded dirt particles, and many more can get removed when using a pressure washing machine. Whether you need to wash your car, carpet, escalator, floor, or any other surface, then you need to get the best services from us. We will be more than eager to serve you.

Mopping Floor Cleaning

Escalator Cleaning

Escalators are among the handy machines in busy airports, supermarkets, sports centers, airpots, and many more places. On a busy day, very many people use an escalator. Therefore to ensure you protect all those people from some illness, keeping the escalator clean at all times is a great thing. People with some conditions, such as allergy, may avoid using escalators due to several reasons. We provide the Best Escalator Cleaning Services in Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, and the Surrounding areas.

Miami Commercial Flooring Services

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