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There are various Commercial cleaning services that your company or industry may need from the best Miami Commercial cleaning services company. With the help of well-trained staff, we provide a variety of Commercial cleaning services for your establishment needs.

COVID-19 Cleaning Disinfecting

We provide disinfecting cleaning services to commercial buildings, federal and local government agencies. Our team is dedicated and committed to provide you, your employees, and your customers with a working environment that is safe and clean. You need to hire the best COVID-19 cleaning disinfecting services. We are very proud to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Miami and the Surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in being the best to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and the Surrounding areas

Janitorial & Custodian

The Janitorial cleaning services refers to the everyday cleaning tasks that one should perform before starting a day. With our keen eye and attention to detail while providing janitorial services at your facility, you will be able to spot the difference from day one. Schedule your janitorial and custodial services today with McKenzie’s Cleaning Inc.

Floor Cleaning Services

We offer floor stripping, polishing and waxing, concrete cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We know the level of care and expertise your commercial floor and carpet requires, so we properly train our team members to meet and exceed your level of expectations. A well maintained hard surface floor can improve your employees and customers experience. We take care of a variety of hard surface flooring at Government agencies, county facilities, and privately owned buildings.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Looking for a reliable commercial cleaning company in the Miami-Dade area? We offer commercial cleaning services to government buildings, offices, educational facilities, banks, car dealerships, churches, airports, and more. We have well-trained window cleaners who will not only take good care of your windows, but they will also ensure your windows remain as clean as possible. Avoid making a mistake of hiring untrained window cleaners because they may cause you some extensive damages.

Disaster Cleaning

Various types of disasters may hit your business and leave everything in a mess. Things such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, and many others can result in huge losses. Therefore in case, such a thing happens, you need to hire a reliable disaster clean-up service company in Miami. We’re a fully licensed and bonded cleaning company, call 305-249-5911 for a FREE quotation today.

Post-Construction Cleaning

We provide post-construction cleaning services to offices and real estate buildings. There is a lot of cleaning required to ensure the newly built structures are ready for move-in. After you are done with renovating your commercial space, you would want to step into a cleaned place. However, their new built structures require a lot of cleaning for its best outlook. We provide post-construction cleaning services to restaurants, religious facilities, real estate buildings, and other commercial spaces.

Miami Commercial Cleaning Services

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